Six months …. “WE STILL IN THIS …”

In September, I started to experiment streaming at  Most of the people that know that site, they are known for gamers streaming site.  Last year, it seemed that they wanted to expand in the internet; and why not.  Everyone wants to see other people doing, well anything.  YOUTUBE is a gem where you can see videos that can do cool things or just videos of stupid cats.  But those are videos, why not see that in real time?

Last year, they started creative and music section in there.  I did not about it, I was not average twitch user back then.  Sometimes I would go there and see people watch games like Call of Duty or what other games but that was it.  I was on there just to check it out and when I found the music section and I found out that there are DJs in there streaming, well I got to see what I can do it too.  After streaming a little bit and doing the research about twitch and how it worked, I have to say that I was hooked on it.

The problem was/is that there is no over night star on there.  Even if there is someone that blow up quickly, its usually someone that has a big name already.  Who am I?  As a DJ atleast, I was just some local in Chicago that played for a long time and probably passed my prime, if you are talking about clubs or bars.  I mean there are a few gigs where I am back in the club/bar but nothing compared when I was pretty much living in the club life.  Mobile DJing, yeah I do that but there are so many DJs in Chicago that I am just a number out there.

First time I got there, a got views and even followers.  I am thinking “thats it?”  Pretty much it is.  But the competitive person that I have inside was determined that I can work on this.  I mean what I love DJing to begin with, there had to be some people that would enjoy watching/listening me.  Of course, things in the world is not that easy.  First of all I had to update my PC because I barely use my PC and the machine was at most 5 – 6 years old.  In the PC world, the machine was ancient.  So I did what I know what I can do, which means that I built a pimp machine.  I mean come on, I used to get paid for that.

After watching a few other streams and doing my homework, I was a “professional” streamer.  Yeah but pretty much for about 2 -3 months it was crickets in the stream.  I had to learn to move up the ladder.  I worked my ass for my stream and after several months, my stream is actually growing.  In a few days I will get my 500th follower.  two months ago I would never think that I would be there.  But in the road, I met a lot great people and communities that helped me and the stream.  Some of them directly and other indirectly.

Am I getting money out this?  Sure I am getting donations but I think that I would make more money flipping bugers then doing this.  Actually I know that for a fact.  But I am not doing it for the money.  During the time I met a lot of great people, people that chances are that I would not meet.  Just meeting some of the people and to call them friends now I something that I would take versus all the money that I made or could make streaming.

It was about a year ago when I was not at a good place in life.  Losing a lot ….. trying to piy my feet down on the ground.  I have to say that doing this helped me out, a lot.  Sure it would be great having a lot of money in my pocket or being in the easy life, but guess what, life is not a Hollywood movie.  I am not saying that I am dying or I don’t even have money to eat, but I know that I have been in survival mood for a long time.  Whatever is gonna happen in this twitch game, I just know that my community, my clique, my krew ….. is enough for me to work it every night at TWITCH.TV.




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