2 years at TWITCH?!?!


It has been 2 years for me at Twitch.  When I started that was when they opened up the MUSIC section in Twitch.  Before that there were only a few places on the internet for live streaming for DJs.  Most of them sucked so there were only a few times when I did it.  They were only be like one hour to two hours streams and them after that the video would be saved on the site for …. whatever.  I did that to promote me as a DJ and also for me to go look and listen for practicing reasons.

It was 2015 when Twitch open the MUSIC section for live streamers.  Befire that the only time that I would go to Twitch would look at game streamers, to tell you the truth; CALL OF DUTY streamers because at the time that was the only game that I only played often.  Even that I really watched Twitch that much, because for me …. I dont want to WATCH someone playing a game I WANT TO PLAY IT!  So most of the time I would watch someone fora bit and then nect thing you know I one my console playing for hours.

I was looking for DJ streaming because, lets be real, live streaming is a new thing and that is going to be the future.  The only thing is that right now it is like the late 90’s when the internet in general was the WIld Wild West.  I feel like that DJ live streaming is reserved but should but embraced.  I know the feeling for a lot of DJs.  They dont want to be in front of people that they dont know.  Thats why even now if you see a DJ streamer in the beginning, you are not going t see a face.  Lets be real “What if they dont like my stuff?”  In the club, especially in old school day, you really dont see the DJ and next to that the DJ is usually away from the crowd.  Festivals and crap like that is one thing but that is more productions and not the DJ — thats a different story that I can talk about in the future.

Fast Forward 2017.  In the last two years the DJs like me that started from the beginning to know, many of them have bigger viewers, donations, subs, etc etc.  All the perks as a Twitch streamer.  For me, I gave equal time (to some even more) and there are days where I am back to the beginning.  Of course it wasnt like that.  Hell no beucase if that was the fact I wouldnt stick it here that long.

6 months after I started DJ streaming there I was avg. 20 – 30 viewers a day, 4 hrs, bringing over 20n0 new followers a month. I was avging $500 a month in donations.  Within the average of my last 3 months I am averaging 7 NEW FOLLOWERS a month, 3 hrs a day, and in 3 months in donations under $30.  Granted I have 4 returning subs but thats still not enough to Super size at McDonalds.

For calculations after 2 years and the rate that I was going you would think that I would be Twitch Partner and avging 100+ viewers.  Well I Twitch Affliciate (which only means that I stream too much) and I avg under 10 a stream.

From the beginning, the “pioneer” Twitch DJs are doing well and there are even some that got in late in the game they are doing well too.  For me I am beyond the grind.  Grinding is one thing …… there are times when I dont even know if my stream has a pulse.

I do not want to get into details of what happen within the last 2 years and shit because I can write a book about that.  Yet, over the weekend I was thinking the pro and cons and to tell you the truth, SHOULD I LEAVE TWITCH?  And if I do where should I go (assuming that I still want to DJ stream)?   YouTube and Facebook for DJ’s sucks, like really suck because they enforce the copyrights legals hard.  I have went to CHEW and its isnt even better.  Over live stream sites dont even have music let lone DJings.

Right now its Monday night and if it was a normal night I would be streaming but I am not.  I am BLOGGING (not vlogging I can actually write and read).  Right now what is pondering in my mind is …. TWITCH …. YAY or NAY ?