About Me

Usually when I write a blog under DJ KRAZY it was about the DJ world, which really meant that it was about the parties, clubs, after parties, and music but this one is not it.  When you GOOGLE or even ask about about the blog(s) about that you can find that.  I probably haven’t wrote that for a long time.  There might be times when I wrote about that subject but ….. really that is not this blog about.

I created and wrote about this blog is really random thoughts that I have during the time.  This blog really is about me, the person …. and if you know me personally thats one thing but if you are just a random person that just read into this …… ENJOY THE RIDE

My first blog here is, an introduction …… My first blog was, well actually wasn’t even a blog then.  It was in high school, my senior year, where I wrote about pretty much I knew at a church group; I called it “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS”  I wrote it because I was just getting sick and tired about that BS that was going on and I just had to write about it.  Its high school, you know that everyone is just being BS in front of everyone.  It was a multi pages of a the gossip and the whispering that I was hearing from …. pretty much everyone.  When I first wrote I didn’t put my name in there.  I just wanted people to be, human, to each other but instead everyone wanted to know where it came from.  I finally admitted that it was me, even though there were a few people that I told them about it.

Let me remind a little bit about and tell you more about me.  If you don’t me that well, or just a little bit …. I am very raw.  When I say that I mean that when I talk to someone, I am a very honest person.  No sugar coated stuff.  Through history, I have got into trouble because of that.  Because of that, I might be quiet or reserved, but just because I am not saying anything that those not mean that I am not thinking.  With some group of people I might say whatever I want to say and there are some where I am not going to say anything …. mainly because I might offend someone if I say something the wrong way.  Come on, lets remember why are in a PC society where you might be careful.  There is always going to be someone its going to take it the wrong way.  In the same token, to most people in the world, I really don’t care what you think.  Its just I don’t want people to go around saying. “Oh my God I don’t believe that you said that!!!!”

For the people that I know, chances are that you are not going to read this.  But then again I have made that mistake before.  There was a blog that I started over 10 years ago.  I would write about everything during my DJ gigs, before, after, during …. whatever.  I thought that NO ONE was reading this stuff.  Because of that I wrote about people and sometimes not “nice” stuff.  I was wrong, there was a group of people that would read my blog.  Where they found it, you have to ask them …. But there were people at the club that told me that they found my website and blog and they read it.  Knowing that I had to tone down a little bit because there were times where I would just vent out about some idiot or whatever.

Bottom line, if there would be one adjective about me, that would be ASSHOLE.  I admit that I am that.  Not saying that I am not a JERK.  I am a very respectful person its just that if you backstab me, I am not the nicest person in the world.  I am a ASSHOLE because I care about select few and everyone else is just whatever.   It not bad but then again I am not going to do favors for you.

Look it this way, when I was young I was like most people, which means that I had a lot of friends and wanted to be in, not being the outsider.  Still, on the same time I was the REBEL, which means that I didn’t follow the same drummer.  I pretty much did what I thought was a right and not what everyone else does.


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