100 and growing

Somewhere in September I joined into TWITCH.com and I decided that I was going to start streaming in there just to see how it is.  It started off from JUSTIN.tv before and it is mainly off game streaming.  But I guess that in less then a year they decided that they are wanted to be bigger then just gaming.  If I started streaming in games I don’t think that I would go far.  First things first I am not a competitive gamers anymore.  I play a lot of games and I would say that I am a gamer but the last game that I would say was I was competitive has to be back in the days in STARCRAFT.  I spent a lot of hours in that game.

But since twitch expanded to even music I decided that I would be streaming as a DJ there.  It was not the first time that I didn’t steam or record while I was DJing.  There were a few times that I have done that in USTREAM but that was once in a while.  Plus it was easy, I would just record while I was DJing at my “office” and that was it.  I would careless if anyone would watch it and it was just something for fun.  That was the beginning at twitch but I have to say that after doing that a few times I have been a hooked on it.  It reminds me back in the days at IRC … I mean it’s the same thing, it’s just IRC while I DJ.

In the beginning I actually got followers, I believe like 4 the first time.  So pretty much it was just a game for me … To see how many followers that I can get.  I got 4 in a short period of time, so that means that u can get that or more every time I just connect? Not even close.

I am not going to the technical things to broadcast at twitch, because I had to learn all that in a short period of time.  I had the equipment for it so it wasn’t that bad.  The problem was some of it was a bit old and out of date.  So after broadcasting a few times there I had to decide, am I going to be serious with that? Because if I do I have to update and spend some money.  The geek inside of me said lets do it.  So in a week a built a new PC and later on had to get a new audio interface (for the DJ equipment to the computer) and later on a new monitor.  Before I had a PC that one job and one job only and that was to record my mixes.  Which wasn’t that had.  After about 5 years that PC had to be strong enough now not only record mixes but also to  upstream.

Anyways after geeking stuff it was the hard part which means that I had to DJ on a regular basis on twitch.  Usually I can DJ once a week at BEST.  There were months that I haven’t touch it but now I would spinning everyday, and it wouldn’t be like a hour or at best two, it would have to be minimum 3 hours.  That is really a lot for a DJ.  Then again I have had 5 hour DJ jobs but I would have breaks here and there but for this …. No breaks. Non stop music for min 3 hours.  That would be ok the first time and maybe the second time but after I while, it felt like I was just repeating the same thing over and over.  So I am getting new music almost daily now, while before I would update, once a month? MAYBE

Really, once you become a serious streamer, this “streaming” thing is now your job or part time job.  Right now since I don’t have a everyday job, yes this was my job.  Sure I am sending out resumes and I have my mobile DJing but I am not getting gigs all the time so yeah, I spent a lot of time on twitch.  My job is to make my channel grow.  I had to go through the grind.

There were days where I would be playing for Eva.  And even times when it was just me.  Trust me that’s not fun.  Yes I need practice but I don’t need 3 – 4 hour practice.  It was painful, but after I while I did grow to have a tiny group of regulars.  And I watched other streamers and learn from them directly and indirectly.  I have my moments with trollers too.  Trollers and bad djs (that have huge channels) on twitch really are thorn in my side.  Trollers because well pretty much they come on the channel just to kiss you off.  That’s their game.  The bad djs, well ….. I hate bad djs already (that’s a different post one day) but now I see a much of people saying that the bad djs are “good”. SMH I have been in the m DJ game over 15+ years and yeah when I started a sucked and I was told that too, but I worked hard to be good and even be harder to what status I am as a DJ.  I am not a big name or a turntablist but I know that I can hold my own. When I see a kid DJing and shouldn’t even be there or touch the thing, it make me want to bang my head.  The worse is when people say that he is good. HE IS NOT GOOD!!!!

Anyways, after about two months I got my 100th followers at Twitch and they are all people that never heard about me ever before.  I am happy with that because that means that, slowly, the channel is growing.  I even had a donation. Oh yeah, people do leave donations to streamers if they like it.  I have had one so far.  I hope that there will be more.

I have no idea what will be the final outcome of the channel but it has to be better then it was in the beginning when it was, me and Eva.  I just hope that it will be half of what I WANT it to be…..