IMG_2005I am a DJ

I am not going down my resume, you can look into to my other blogs to find that out, because this blog is not about that.  I thought about YOUTUBING this but I knew that I would end up raging and yelling.  Doing that, I think that I would get no point across. SO instead I will do it the old fashion way and write about it; which means that I probably will not get a lot of people reading it because, people do not read anymore. Still, whatever.

In today’s generation and society i feel that that DJ is disrespected.  Everyone thinks that they can be a DJ and they think that the things that we do is easy.  There are people that download an app and all the sudden think that they can do the things that we do.  Just because they know the name of some songs, they think that they can DJ.  Sure, if that is the case why don’t you come and over and show me your DJ skillz.

DJing is a craft that we practice and work hard on.  I  know that before it was something that we love to do because of music, it does not mean that we do it for free.  When you see/hear the DJ at the club, radio, internet, where ever, do you think that he/she just woke up picked some songs from iTunes and then all the sudden make “magic”?  First things first we spend a lot of hours and time listening to everything and from that we actually decided what is good or not for OUR style for the set.  And from that, in our head he hear what would be good for the set.  I love music and I think about music and beats all the time in my head.

YES, we love doing what we do, but since when is anything free?  When I get crap like, “Can you DJ my party for free?  I’ll hook you up with alcohol.”  Sorry I can buy my own beer.  Even its not “free” (because I think that people know that I don’t do anything for free) having a few bucks is just a little spit in my face.  You know how much money I spend on the music alone?  You know how much my Rane 62 is worth?  You know how much a pair of Technics MKII are worth?  You know know how much my needles cost? etc.  I do not go out with a iPad or something like that.  I have professional equipment and I will act like a professional with you; respect me as a professional.  I am not a KID off the street.  YES I graduated high school, wait I take that make YES I GRADUATED FROM MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY AND UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO WITH A B.A.’s not included with other training classes from other schools or what not.

“Well i know this kid in the street that will do it for X dollars.”  If that is the case then why are you calling/emailing me?  Sorry, I am just like you trying to make money, to feed myself, to pay bills, etc.  Oh, you are a professional and you work with a salary?  Guess what SO AM I (without a salary though).

Behind the cameras or stream, I am practicing.  I am listening.  I am downloading music, FOR YOU.  You think that Skrillex, DJ Qbert, DJ CRAZE, etc just wake up and within a few minutes make a million dollar DJ set or song?  There are FAKE DJs out there like Paris Hilton that do not do ANYTHING but its YOU (the people) that are stupid enough to spend money to see her.  You spend your dollars to see or hear FAKE DJs just because they have a FAMOUS NAME.  That’s your problem not mine.

When I have MOBILE Gigs, you think that all the equipment and speakers and lights just appear within a snap of a figure?  Someone has to load up the car.  Someone has to drive to the venue.  Someone has to unload and set up all that stuff.  Then at the end has to do all the stuff backwards.  I do not have a TEAM of people to ship it, set up, and then break it down at the end.  I wish that I was making that much money to do that.

For serious DJs;  Djing is not a game.  Its not something that you do for fun.  Its not for kicks.

for us; ITS OUR LIFE



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